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Effectiveness of ADS-B receivers in Canada?

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  • Effectiveness of ADS-B receivers in Canada?

    I noticed in your "new ADS-B receivers" thread that back in March someone setup a receiver in Kingston, Ontario (CYGK). I didn't know about your site back then but I don't see any targets near Kingston now so I assume whoever it was took down the receiver.

    I live near Toronto (CYYZ) and I was thinking of buying and setting up a receiver but I wanted to know a few things first. For example, I see there's a receiver in Los Angeles but there don't seem to be very many targets in the area. Like, around 5-15. Is this typical? I'd expect Los Angeles to be busier than Toronto and I'd be pretty disappointed with less than 10 targets. Is this because most aircraft flying in Canada don't have ADS-B at all, or do they just turn it off except when necessary? Or is it more due to the positioning of the receiver?

    I'm also curious why the Kingston feed was taken down in case there's some other problem making it difficult to receive ADS-B data in the area. If it was just due to lack of interest I might be willing to buy the receiver from the feeder if I could get in touch and work out a deal with you.

    Thanks for your time.

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    This user has a box in Alberta.
    Am I the only person in western Canada running this device? :) I just installed this thing today. With the stock antenna, I can pick up aircraft SW of Calgary from about Canmore down to Cranbrook, and east to Claresholm. I'm sure I'll pick up more when/if I get an external antenna. Among the...

    his live screenshot for his coverage area(When it's online/uploading screenshots).

    I will speak for the KLAX data... The LAX data is coming from a receiver in San Diego County. LAX airport is 95 miles away from the receiver location...
    The busy time for LAX is around 11:am/noon. You will see around 15 ADS-B flights showing.
    Using the DPD ADS-B antenna

    Another user has his SBS1 data for Portland on this page. Using a server software to display on a HTML page.
    It will show all aircraft(ModeS/ADSB) in the list on the right side.


    See this topic with other links for those HTML pages.

    To learn more about these Radar units. Check out the Radarspotters forum.
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      I think the user in Kingston had some technical problems. He has been online for a short time a couple of times. In Europe about 60% of commercial traffic has ADS-B. I would guess that in north america about 30% of commercial airplanes has ADS-B.


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        Thanks for the info, I see from the Portland page that many more aircraft are tracked but just don't have position data associated with them. I think I will need to wait a few years for ADS-B to become more common before picking up a receiver.


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          Radial - As Mike suggested above, the number of ADS-B equipped aircraft on internal flights in the USA is very low, compared with Europe, primarily because most flight ops are over ground-based nav-aids such as VOR, and don't need the addition of sat-nav feeds to find their bearings. If you review the questions and answers pages, you will see listed typical groups of airframe types that are either equipped or not equipped with ADS-B, to link flight-management systems to their Mode-S outputs. Without data from an ADS-B aircraft, we cannot position received feeds on our screens or on FR24, unlike ATC centres, with their radar scanners!