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    I assume this was in response to my post in the "what would you like to see" thread?
    Just to make it clear, I was only responding to the question in that thread where you asked what people would like to see in the next version of FR24.
    I took it that you were looking for a list of ideas which you would then accept and take forward or reject.
    As I would like to see a BB app in the next version, I though it was an idea worth putting forward, so I did.

    I apologise if I seem to be bringing this old question up again. That wasn't my intention and I must admit that I didn't search for other threads about a BB app as I assumed, wrongly it would seem, that you were open to all ideas.

    As a BB user, I am used to being a "second class citizen" when it comes to Apps so your reply and reasoning is of no surprise and I thank you for sharing.


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      got fr24 premium working on my bb10,os version to download goggle playservices for it to work.
      just for everyones info.


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        Neat. Will have to try it out on the Z10. Tx.


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          @Mike, any new updates?

          It is possible to run the version from android:
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