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  • Aircraft display problem

    I've noticed recently that sometimes ALL the aircraft on display appear to jump backwards and then continue.I watched an aircraft land about 6 times at Glasgow 2 days ago.Every time it touched down,the icon jumped back again.Also,I've noticed planes appearing to move backwards ie the icon facing in opposite direction of movement.I use 2 PCs and it occurs on both.Any ideas?Cheers.

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    I reported the same problems some threads back. Seems to be the mixing of data with old an new feeding software -> There are some answers in other threads.

    I now have the same problem more than ever :


    It´s here in Frankfurt not an old feeding software problem, it seems to be the T-F4V feeder with new software but poor data.

    Ground traffic is good, but the other data....



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      Ralph,I checked back on your posts and noticed that you also dealt with strange sudden accelerations of icons.I forgot to mention that.One more thing that I find is that in 'Plane view' mode the aircraft appears to lose control and veer wildly to the left and right.This actually concerned me the first time I saw it as I thought that the aircraft was in difficulties Also on landing at an airport,the aircraft would suddenly appear to take off again but veer wildly,and actually appear to crash into the terminal building.I'm beginning to understand


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        Apparition et disparition

        Certains vols apparaissent bien a l’écran, puis après un certain temps disparaissent. Quelle est la raison? Merci


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          even that you understand the thread, you should answer in English (google translator)



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            I have been watching the data from T-F4V and have some suspicions about it's accuracy.
            I do not believe it comes from a real gound-based radar. It provides data from areas where I know my radar is the only receiver that can reach.
            It seems that when I stop providing my data in these areas, it also stops providing data??
            Maybe this data comes from a program that tries to "predict" AC locations from other radar's "real" data.
            I can understand this could be a useful feature but it should never over-ride real data and I would think it should be displayed in a different way.
            Any one else have info about this radar?


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              I have a screenshot of a flight at 2,345,444,200ft off the end of the runway at work from when a F4V took over
              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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                yes, I tested the F4V Data also.

                One screenshot of courious route I reported also. Right now I took my feed offline in order to see how Data will look like.

                I think there is maybe en echo of the Data because planes jump forward and backward with same feeder (F4V).



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                  Hi Friends,

                  I'm new to this forum but I m using Flight Radar 24 since November 2011. I'm very glad to see radar T-F4V which cover Mumbai Airport (VABB/BOM) since its my home town, but what I have observed is the data is not correct. This radar is not working like any other radars and its not providing us with the correct information. The airplane is displayed on short final and stays there for few seconds and then moves backwards and stays there. I really can't see airplanes departing and landing and following the actual route. I don't know if I have bought up this matter at correct place or not but would like to know about this radar.

                  I am also glad to see radar T-VIDP1 and its working fine so far

                  Thank you


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                    Hi all

                    Could someone please point me to the other threads mentioned in Controller's post, where I might get a fix for these problems. I'm suffering the same symptoms as the OP. (or rather my system is.....). I'm new to the forum, and although I have searched, I cannot find any answers.



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                      cretanrunner,take a look here This is Controllers post on this subject.


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                        Thanks, that is similar to the behaviour I'm getting. I see a post from "Mike" saying that the old database will be turned off and the problem should go away. He said this would happen in 2 - 3 weeks, but that was 8 weeks ago. Anyone know why we still have the problem, or is it just me?


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                          seems that Mike or any other ADMIN has removed some questions because of posting in the wrong thread.

                          Arthur had a questions about T-F4V.

                          I have the original posting from him but I don´t know if the ADMIN allows to repost a deleted thread ?

                          So I can only post my answer :

                          Hello Arthur,

                          I don´t think that there is a static delay of five minutes. I think that the Data is collected in a central database and then send to fr24 as T-F4V. Thats because of the delay.

                          It varies in my area from 1-3 Minutes, thats why I have here jumping planes. I´m wondering that they are not able to have clear data using the timestamp ?

                          Hope this posting will no be deleted.

                          Last edited by controller; 2012-07-28, 21:20.


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                            Thanks to everyone, but I'm still none the wiser...... The technical stuff is all way over my head, and obviously it does not help if parts of threads have been deleted. Can anyone just tell me whether this is a known problem that is being worked on, or what exactly is the status?

                            My display is definitely behaving strangely, and I would just like to know whether there is anything I can do about it, or whether someone is working on a bug fix.



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                              Hy Andrew,

                              you are on my mind.

                              Maybe now Mike has to make a statement, all other things would be speculation.