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Turkish Airlines at Dublin

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  • Turkish Airlines at Dublin

    To day at 12:50 i went on to fr24 and on Dublin i saw a Airbus 330 of Turkish airlines from Chicago direct to turkey, when i clicked on it the tail of the plane was like a go around above Dublin airport but at a quite high altitude, does any one know what it was doing or was there a problem?
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    That's intersting. The crew could have potentially decided to divert there? but then crew have carried on as normal?


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      The ORD/ISt flight that took place on 2nd of August 2010 had to divert to Dublin due to an unfortunate health problem one of our passengers has had. The passenger was suspected to have a heart attact on the flight and after landing in Dublin he was taken to a hospital by an ambulance waiting at the airport. Fortunately the passenger was OK, and the doctors let him go back to Istanbul the next day. the rest of the passengers on the flight were taken to Istanbul the next day with TK1978.

      Thanks for your concern.


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        Thanks for that "Turkish Airlines"!.