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  • Display problems.

    Hi all
    I am a first timer on this forum however i have been a regular user of Flightradar24 for a few years now and i have been experiancing a few problems with the website over the past week. When going onto the website i can access the map with all planes showing on the screen however when selecting plane and clicking onto it i do not get any information on the plan on the left hand side of the screen. I have also registered for the premium account and had a email back from Flightradar24 with a link to complete for the registration process which i completed but my premium account is still showing 'Not Active' can you give me any advice on what i can do to resolve these issues.


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    To fix the problem with browser make sure you don't have any AdBlocker software, as that will cause problems and try a different browser if that won't work.
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      Also note the premium will not work unless you are a registered uploader at present and use the same email address you upload with.
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        Hi, I've been experiencing the same over the last two or three days the map loads fine with aircraft symbols and data, but the LHS panel sometimes doesn't show or takes longer to load. I'm using Google Chrome as the browser and it's been fine for months.