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    I have just noticed a new feeder in the USA covering parts of the states of Colorado, Texas and Tennessee all with the feeding code T-FAX. Any info on this/these feeders?

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    It's a network of about 10 receivers that we get data from
    We are preparing for connecting another 20-30 receivers in USA within two weeks.


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      One would hope that this will stop some of the bad comments on the App download pages from people in the USA complaining they can't use it near them.. silly for not downloading the free version and testing in the first place.. but still.
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        Thanks Mike - good news!


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          The T-FAX network has about 10 receivers in US and Canada. However, it has something like 20-30 more receivers all over the world.

          In US the network covers, as I see:

          - Eastern parts of Colorado and parts of nearby states (Nebraska, Kansas ...)
          - Eastern part of Tennessee and Kentucky, sometimes a westernmost bit of North Carolina, North of Georgia, nearby part of Alabama
          (these are what Mark C mentioned)
          - Huston area of Texas and Western half of Louisiana. Possibly there are two receivers there
          - New York City and its environs. Possibly there are as much as four receivers there, or a coverage area of a single receiver is fragmeted by obstacles:
          -- First area of coverage is in ocean off the coast of New Jersey and South of Long Island.
          -- Second area is between New York City (included) and Philadelphia (excluded) - mostly in New Jersey and in a small corner of Pennsylvania.
          -- A small third areas is roughly above Wyoming Valley area of Pennsylvania (cities of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre)
          -- A small forth area is above Albany-Troy-Schenectady, state of New York, and to South of these cities

          All the above areas are not covered by FR24 feeders, though T-KDCA1 covers an adjacent area near Philadelphia, and two feeders cover adjacent areas of Texas and nearby states. New Jersey sometimes is covered by NET1, but New York City is not.

          Several more areas in US and Canada are covered by T-FAX:

          - Southern Florida
          - Oregon and Washington, including parts of ocean off the Oregon coast
          - Possibly, more spots on Eastern coast of US
          - Calgary
          - Ontario

          In other parts of Americas and nearby I saw a coverage in Costa Rica, Brazil (Rio Grand Norte), Uruguay, and Chile (Santiago).

          On islands near Americas I noticed a coverage above Greenland and above Martinique - but they disappeared soon.

          The network also covers areas:

          - above parts of Europe, particularly Eastern Europe,
          - above parts of former Soviet countries like Ukraine, Belorussia, and (mostly) Russia, including a coverage above parts of Siberia,
          - above parts of Japan,
          - above parts of Australia,
          - above or near Kuwait,
          - near Hong Kong,
          - above Iceland.
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            Is T-FAX a group of sharers similar to the SBS1 Client that operaties in Europe and shares with FR24?


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              T-F4V is sharing as well - several locations in the USA, Eastern Canada & Mexico and one in Cairo too I think?
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                I would like to see memphis lit up to see FedEx ops


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                  I guess that T-F4V is a second bunch of receivers that Mike mentioned - 20 to 30 of them in North America

                  They extended coverage to several more areas of North America:

                  - Atlantic provinces of Canada: mostly Nova Scotia, part of New Brunswick ...
                  It is a very important area because most of flights between Europe and North Eastern US (Boston, New York, etc) pass here, as well as flights between Europe and Montreal or Toronto.
                  - Part of Quebec East of Quebec city. Montreal receivers cover an adjacent area, but this is new.
                  - Western Massachusetts and small bits of nearby places
                  - Ohio
                  - Northern and central Indiana and central Illinois
                  - Central Iowa
                  - An area in Eastern part of Kansas and a bit of nearby places
                  - Arizona
                  - Northern California. The very important area around San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley was not covered previously
                  - Cancun area of Mexico. There was absolutely no coverage of the country before.
                  - a small area of a Gulf of California, also in country of Mexico (possibly seen by an Arizona receiver)

                  Improved coverage in areas the used to be covered before:
                  - environs of Boston and ocean off the coast (a lot of air routes pass here, similar to Atlantic provinces of Canada)
                  - environs of Chicago
                  - Toronto area, including Northern parts of Upper New York State
                  - Florida and small area off the coast of Georgia nearby
                  - Virginia
                  - an area in Northeastern corner of Colorado - the same or adjacent area to what was added by T-FAX few days ago.
                  - Southern California. An important addition: only a small area (though with a big traffic) around Los Angeles was covered before.

                  In Central and Southern Americas:
                  - Aruba island / island of Curacao (a new area). It covers ocean around and a bit of Venezuela
                  - several areas in Brazil, at least four receivers. Most of the areas or adjacent ones were covered before, but there is a new area near city of Belem on Amazon river estuary.
                  - Uruguay and Chile near the respective capital cities (both were covered before)

                  Europe and Middle East
                  - several small and not so small areas in Western Europe and off its coasts (receivers in UK, Portugal, France, Germany and/or Italy)
                  - area around Madeira islands
                  - area above Southern part of Baltic coast of Sweden, Baltic countries, Belorussia and St. Petersburg, Russia. Probably several receivers
                  - area above Eastern Ukraine, a part of Southern Russia just North of Caucasus, Sea of Azov and Eastern half of Black Sea. Definitely several receivers
                  - a "band" starting just West of Ural mountains and up to Eastern Siberia, Russia. Definitely several receivers
                  - a "band" starting in Southern part of Eastern Europe - Hungary, Romania, former Yugoslavia - and continues in Easter Mediterranean: Greek islands, including Rodes and Crete, and covers nearby coast of Turkey. Definitely several receivers.
                  - an area in Iraq North of Baghdad and South of Kirkuk
                  - two or three areas in Persian Gulf (Arabian Sea). Definitely more than one receiver

                  - Cairo - a new coverage
                  - a spot in Nigeria - a new coverage
                  - Morocco and Western Sahara (I would guess that these are covered by two receivers on nearby islands)

                  - Asia:
                  - a very interesting local area covering Sahar airport (a major international airport) inside city of Mumbai (Bombay), India. There was no coverage of India before
                  - a second area in India is near city of Chandigarh, state Punjab (Northwest, near Pakistan)
                  - a first receiver in China sometimes appears in area near city of Xian
                  - area around Taiwan and ocean between Taiwan and Philippines. The area was not covered before, though there was a coverage of an adjacent area more or less on other side of Taiwan
                  - improved coverage of an area around Hong Kong
                  - Thailand (was covered)
                  - Malaysia (was covered)
                  - Maldives (was excellently covered)
                  - small area or may be several small areas in Japan (was covered)
                  - area in Russian Far East (was covered)

                  Australia and New Zealand - they were covered
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                    We are working hard on coverage now. Look out for more


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                      Thanks to yurakm for the details and to Mike for arranging for the additional feeds.


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                        Nice to see a Vietnam feed now as well.


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                          Yes, it is nice to see Vietnam - a feed via NET1 i.e. Plane Plotter.

                          A coverage of a new area near Manila, Philippines appeared. It is provided by (a separate, i.e. not on network) receiver T-RPLL1.

                          Also appeared, via T-F4V:
                          - an area over Northern part of Luzon island, Philippines. Possibly, the area is covered by a Taiwan receiver.
                          - Brunei area (planes over an ocean)
                          - Kyrgyzstan
                          - Alaska near Anchorage
                          - small area near Virgin Islands (just East of Puerto Rico) or somewhat farther (Guadeloupe?)
                          - very important area around New York City including three main New York airports and ocean off a Southern coast of Long Island. The area was not covered except for few days by T-FAX

                          Concerning a coverage above Nigeria via T-F4V. I was wrong - there is no such a coverage. Planes flying over Western Europe are plotted over Nigeria and nearby states of Western Africa, exactly on equator, when latitude is reported as zero by mistake.

                          Network feed T-FAX does not work currently. I do not see it for a second or third day.
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                            It is very nice that this T-F4V system is increasing the coverage of FlightRadar.

                            Are all T-F4V outside the US stationed in US Embassies and Consulates?


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                              T-F4V is a nice addition to FR24! The coverage around Ostend Airport (Belgium) has been increased!