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ZZ330 - Two Places at once?

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  • ZZ330 - Two Places at once?

    Hi, This is my first post so hello to everyone and please be kind if I've posted this in the wrong place. On 13/6 at 1340 local on FR24, ZZ-330 as CASA016 was orbiting in AARA 9 off the Norfolk Coast. At the same time, ZZ330 as MADRAS had finished a sortie to AARA 8 off Great Yarmouth and was at 14000 ft over
    Loughborough heading west. I've been advised that these are 2 separate aircraft and see there is a hyphen in one of the serial numbers but how can this be?

    Also, the other week (8/6) I noted a Typhoon (showing as TYPHOON) out of Warton in excercises between the Isle of Man and Cumbrian coast - bit exciting to see a speed of over 935Kt on an FR24 trace!

    Best wishes

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    CASA016 is hex 343447 which should be EC-335, still registered to Airbus.

    ZZ330 is hex 43C6F3 of the Royal Air Force, a different aircraft.

    It looks like the FR24 database is incorrect.

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