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    Hey guys,

    First of all, I love your app, I've downloaded it from the Apple App Store on my Mac - it keeps us entertained at work during boring periods of time!

    Anyway, I had a few ideas I thought would be nice, as several times we are tracking our colleagues flights etc!

    It'd be pretty awesome if you could set up a notification/alarm for when a plane becomes active on the radar, somewhere in the world, or wherever you set. If the plane becomes active then maybe a popup notification could appear on the desktop, or the app could flash or something? This would be pretty awesome.

    Another idea I had is that if you search for a plane that doesnt exist on the map at the time of searching, the search term stays intact and keeps searching (say every 2 minutes) so that if a plane takes off when you have that in the search box, then it acts as a "pre-search" - so when a plane is detected matching the callsign/flight number then it will appear on the map (but only this plane)

    A further idea (although its a little out there) is for the broadcast messages (ie: the squawk stuff) to be put into the app as notifications, ie: if a plane makes a radio communication failure squawk, then it appears as a little bubble above the plane?

    As a developer myself, I know this is a tough job, but I'd be willing to help if need be!

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next!