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AR not working on iPhone4S

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  • AR not working on iPhone4S

    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with the augmented reality function in the pro version. The compass won't change and sticks at North (0 degrees). The compass function is working in other apps so it isn't broken or something. Anyone else with the same problem? I'd really like to see this function to work with the crowded skies above Amsterdam.

    I've already re-installed the app after rebooting my phone, without any luck.

    Any help would be welcome!


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    Hi Daniel.

    First go into Phone Settings and scroll down to Flightradar24, then 'AR View' and check 'Disable gyro' is 'ON' it worked better for me, seems odd because you would think it would be the other way around.
    Once you have finished in the phone settings, go back to the App and when it is AR mode you might see a 'pop up' to do figure '8' with the phone, follow that instruction and all should be ok.
    The App is due to be updated in the next week.

    Mike / Speedbird
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      Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately, your suggestion didn't work out for me. It still stucks at 0 degrees.

      Hopefully the upcomming update will take care of it.



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        It's a compass/gyro issue. If you wait up to 60 seconds it should work.


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          Not working, even after more then 2 minutes waiting. With compass/gyro issue you mean there is an issue within the app or there is an issue with my iPhone?


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            Update: I got an advice from somebody to check the compass calibration setting under "location services > system services". As it turned out, it was turned off. After turning this option back on, the AR function started to work for me. Maybe it is useful for the flightradar24 team to include this info in the FAQ?

            kind regards,