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    Trying to spot when a particular model of aircraft is flying, so set up an Alert. I've used model Airbus A380, A380 and A38. Each time I get a warning saying Alert is "Too general".

    I have an iPad 3 running iOS 5.1.1, FlightRadar24 Pro 3.8 and I have the in-app purchase Unlimited Alerts. I have also tried deleting the app and reinstalling it.

    Any ideas please?

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    What area are you setting up this alert for?


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      When I started the thread I'd set Global, which is what I would ideally like. I have just tried Local (Europe) and still get the same condition.


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        Originally posted by Magicllandyrnog View Post
        When I started the thread I'd set Global, which is what I would ideally like. I have just tried Local (Europe) and still get the same condition.
        If you go into settings and then alerts.
        Select first Notification and set it to required Type.
        Then select 'Next condition' which will be your 2nd condition.
        Then select 'Next condition' which will be your 3nd condition.

        You need to add more Conditions or you will get the error message: "Too general" as the App needs more information.

        Hope this helps.

        Mike / Speedbird
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          Tried Mike's suggestion.

          First of all overrode the Squawk alert, as installed, with a model alert (A380), then thought about the subsequent conditions. I don't have any. My alert would apply to any airline and any aircraft registration number. I want to be notified when any A380 is airborne.


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            The nearest I could get was A380 / Emerites as you need at least two conditions.
            I have just tried A380 and four airlines in the add condition boxes and it accepted it.

            Or you could set the filter at the top of the map next search for A380.
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              I had been using Planefinder; but when I had my new iPad I looked for applications with a better interface. Flightradar24 seemed to fit the bill.

              With Planefinder I am able to set up separate alerts to detect when ANY A380, Boeing Dreamliner or Airbus Baluga is airborne. It would appear that Flightradar24 requires alerts to be a little more specific, which unfortunately does not meet my requirements. Perhaps it could be modified at some point in the future?

              For now I'll have to see what app I use.

              Thanks for your replies.


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                To avoid situations where the phone becomes flooded with messages, you have to setup rules that are not so general. With almost 100 A380 delivered and 30-40 in air simultaneously such alarm could be quite intensive.


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                  I take your point; but I was only trying find if there was a way of duplicating in FlightRadar what I was able to achieve in Planefinder. I can now see that I cannot.

                  Life is a compromise. So given I have purchased both apps, I will use FlightRadar for what it is good at and take advantage of Planefinder's strengths.