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Why the option "show on map" from the list of active planes doesn't work?

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    Originally posted by Mike View Post
    The fix was released this morning.
    Hi Mike!!

    Good Job!!! Thanks!!



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      Great site guys I have been visiting it regularly for over a year now!

      I have however encountered a problem over the last week or so:

      If I select "jump to area " Oceania, then I get the usual display of targets. In the panel on the left hand side the lower figure - planes - keeps changing but the upper figure - map - initially shows the number of targets in the area only for 6 seconds and then disappears with a yellow warning triangle taking its place. Clicking on a target results in nothing.

      If I jump to any other area everything works perfectly!

      Anyone else encountered this issue?


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        Further to my last, the problem I have with "Oceania" only manifests itself when I use Mozilla Firefox 12; if I use MS IE 9 it all displays correctly! Does this mean anything to anyone?


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          I posted too soon! Whether I use FF or IE, when I select "jump to" Oceania, the number of planes adjacent to "Map" displays for about 6 seconds and then a yellow warning triangle appears and the targets stop moving.


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            Very strange! I borrowed my wife's laptop - "you're not going to mess it up like you did the last time?" - "no my sweet"), selected "Jump To" Oceania and lo and behold the number of planes adjacent to "Map" displayed correctly and the targets continued to move for as long as I was in the area! Must be something wrong with my laptop methinks............(and deleting cookies does not resolve the problem).


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              Now sorted (well, sort of!). If I select "jump to" Oceania, then after about 6 seconds the number adjacent to "Map" disappears but if I then zoom in the number reappears and all the targets move satisfactorily. No more from me on this topic......