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    Hi all

    I have Flight Radar 24 Pro on my ipod touch (and enjoying it!) but I am wondering about the augmented reality function of the app. The ipod does not have GPS or compass, but it does have a gyroscope. Although Iíve not had a proper chance to test it because of all the rain this seems to work on occasion but whether its by accident or not Iím not sure. Does anyone else use this app on the ipod and if so can you tell me if this part of the app is of any use?
    By the way, the recent update did smooth the programme out quite a bit!

    Peter (South west UK)

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    I've tried the augmented reality feature on my iPod touch as well, with some good results. I found the key thing to remember is to line up with North when it requires you to point to the horizon, as that is where it then uses as a reference for turning.