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Error trying to download from Android Market/Play Store

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  • Error trying to download from Android Market/Play Store


    A few days ago I acquired a new HTC One S and want FR24 Pro installed on it. BTW, It runs OS 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

    When I tap on the price 1.39, I get the error message "Sorry, purchasing not available on this account".

    I'm using my email address for everything on the phone, which is in the format

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? I've Googled the error message but the responses didn't help.


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    Hi Dave.

    Can you download other Apps that you have to pay for, also can you download the 'Free Version'

    Mike / Speedbird
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      Hi Mike

      Yes, I get the same if I try to buy a different app.

      Also, if I try to buy via the Google Play Shop, I get the message "You haven't accessed the Google Play Store app (the white shopping bag app icon) on your device with this email account."

      I've logged out and in again but with the same result.

      I can't find a way of logging out of the Google account on my Android 4.0 mobile.



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        Both the the iPhone app and Android app are not sold by us, but by Apple/Google. So we cannot see, control or affect the accounts, error messages or download process. Try to restart the phone and if it doesn't help, try to contact Google and see if they can help you.


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          The account on the device (chosen when you set it up) has to match the online account details. If they do not you - as the error is telling you. You need to modify either the phone credentials, or link the phone account to your google gmail account online (in PC web browser).

          Open Play, options - accounts. But you need a registered gmail account in google, not just a google account with a alias.

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            Mike - I've rebooted the phone but the result is the same and contacted Google and am waiting for a reply.

            Oblivian - I've tried using 2 Gmail accounts I've created and even opened a third one a few moments ago. Each time I try to "Use an existing account", I get the message "Your username and password don't match. Try again. To recover your account info, go to" Well, I did this with the first Gmail account I set up and still got the mismatch error.

            I've seen the information at the above link but frankly, it's not very helpful and doesn't tell you exactly what to do to get round the problem.

            Thank you both for your replies.