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Up and running - KGVL (North of Atlanta)

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    You had better to buy 5dB gain antenna model GP-1090.


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      Damn .. stumbled across this old thread .., has it been almost 7 years already .... miss ol’ Scanhorse ...

      The previous mentioned antenna is fried .. must have taken a lightning strike. Only shows one and one plane .. Not climbing up on the roof though. Getting a second rpi to hook up to it though, just for the hell of it.

      Had to switch to rpi when my windows feeder got switched off. Decided to install piaware and it turned out to be far easier than fr24feed. Got a flightaware pro stick and a new antenna and now feed from mostly within 140nm. Have the occasional hit almost all the way to the coast though. will try to improve somewhat.

      Any other feeders north of Atlanta reading this?
      Radarstation KGVL