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Server Problem ? max.a/c by uploader ?

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  • Server Problem ? max.a/c by uploader ?

    during my tests I found the following:
    EDFY is receiving between 100 and 150 a/c. With button "show all" pressed at basestation 150 to 190. FR24 is showing around 50 to 80.
    LSGG is receiving up to 90 a/c. FR24 is showing around 50.
    All this seems to be ok.

    Occasionally EDFY is switching its radar name to LSGG (I don't know why, its the same uploader with a different location and a different radar name in the ini-file). Then all planes from EDFY and LSGG are shown under LSGG with a maximim number of around 80 a/c at FR24.
    Might be a calculation or handling problem because all planes seem to be shown.
    Didn't count them.

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    Our servers works like this. All data from all radars (today about 160) is inserted into a database. If the same aircraft is visible from 4 radars it's inserted 4 times and takes up 4 rows in database.
    To minimize database access load from 10.000 users, we create an XML file every 5:th second containing all visible aircrafts, but every aircraft only appears once (to save data-transfer) in this feed (from the latest received radar).
    This XML file is loaded by the web-server to show planes on map and used for filters. So if plane X was visible from radar A, B, C and D, and radar C was the latest one to see the plane, and you select
    planes visible by radar B, plane X will not be visible.

    PS. Karl, i havn't forgot about your files.


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      Hi, Mike.
      thanks for the answer, but I try to explain again.
      Radar A is receiving an amount of 140 a/c, whereoff 50% are shown if you select this radar (=70).
      Radar B is receiving an amount of 80 a/c, whereoff 50% are is shown if you select this radar (=40).
      There are no planes received from both with the same ID, call or hex (makes 110 a/c).
      At some time (5 minutes) after radar B had switched to the name of radar A the total number was around 80 for both.
      The display of the data seems to be ok. It was the calculation at the startpage which was wrong.


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        I don't know if we understand each other There are other radars than EDFY and LSGG. If a radar near LSGG receives the same plane as LSGG it might not be show as a LSGG plane, but from the other radar. So if LSGG receives 100 planes, maybe only 70 or 40 are show on map as LSGG planes because of other radars may have received signals from "your" planes later than you.


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          We have problems to understand each other. I know there are more than 2 radars sharing the a/c.
          Forget it Mike. We should discuss this with a bottle of wine if one day we meet each other somewhere.