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    Hi all
    Sorry for this newbie question but I've been out of touch with the whole planespotting bit for a number of years
    prefer to take photos but still collect reg of bigger stuff these days
    my question is how accurate is the reg info that is reported of the aircraft on the maps,the reason i ask is i have a few flight paths that go overhead my house and often wonder what they might be
    as I can normally see the type and airline but obviosly not the reg

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    Hi, Welcome to the Forum.

    I would say it is 99% accurate, it is very rare that the registration is wrong as it is automatically updated from the aircraft's own Hex code. (For most commercial aircraft.)

    If an error is spotted by one of the members its reported on the Forum and the Database is corrected.

    If you are thinking of using Flightradar24 for Dot spotting, do some checking with one aircraft at a time until you get used to the position of the aircraft in relation to what you are seeing on your screen.

    Mike / Speedbird
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      thanks for that
      how does the hex code translate into the reg or does it translate to the a/c selcal code


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        Have a read of this, it explains how it all works.!/about.php

        Mike / Speedbird
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          This may help too:


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