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Multiple aircraft with the same flight number

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  • Multiple aircraft with the same flight number

    FlightRadar24 has a problem if there are two aircraft with the same flight number in the air at the same time.

    This probably shouldn't happen, but there is an example. At the time that Air New Zealand flight NZ38 is taking off from LHR (around 2115 local), the previous day's flight is descending into AKL. For about an hour the display flips between the two aircraft creating zig-zag trails across the map.

    I suspect the return flight NZ39 will create the same problem; it takes off at 1100Z and lands at 1400Z the following day.

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    As long as the flight numbers aren't associated with a specific date, this will happen. Airlines solve this by naming the flights e.g. NZ38/21 (21 being the date of original departure). This is only for internal use though, and is not visible outside their computer system. It's also not used for flightplans or documentation.

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      There should have been two EK18's showing today as yesterdays flight from Manchester was cancelled due technical problems. (Reported as brake problems.)

      Emirates helped to avoid the two aircraft scenario using the same callsign by adding a 'D' for delayed.

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