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    Thanks for the NY area feed. It seems like it wasnt there a week or so ago but its here now. Thanks.

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    Ok here is a dumb question borne of ignorance about how these things work. How come the program tracks flights going in and landing at JFK but not taking off? Is it me? Do I have a setting on the program wrong or something? Thanks


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      It could depend where the Mode-S receiver is located. At what altitude do you "lose" the landing aircraft?

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        The landing aircraft make it all the way down. But we never see any taking off. I have been watching sll day here in NY. Very weird.


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          Right now on the radar I can see 3 aircraft taking off from New York.
          Are these visible to you?

          1 from LGA,

          2 from JFK,

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            Yes i saw those but they were already a few 1000 feet in the air when they finally popped onto flight radar. I guess what I dont understand is why do we see them all the way down to 0 ft but no starting out at 0 feet?


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              I also notice things are dissapearing over brooklyn. I kow the place is a hole but seriously, its not that bad!


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                I am amazed that this Radar KRUT is even picking up JFK as it is about 160 miles away.

                Location of KRUT Radar:,-72.99/12 (Rutland State Airport)

                If you watch live traffic heading towards JFK, it stops moving for a bit as NET1 loses contact with it and then it disappears until it gets over JFK, so there is no Radar cover over the Lower Bay area.

                This flight is just show the direction of live traffic to watch, click exit playback to go live.
                AMS Daily Fight Information:


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                  Ah its a fluke! Too bad. I really think this program is very cool. Shame to loose to coverage when the winds shift. I like it better then the other one out there for ipad but they have a decent all be it occasional jfk feed


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                    What happened to the NYC area feed?