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Planes no longer moving on screen after update

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  • Planes no longer moving on screen after update

    I have updated my radar 24 app in the mac app store version 1.3

    since update planes are no longer moving on screen

    is any one else having same problem if can you advise how to fix


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    There are no other reports of this problem.
    Please try this.
    1) Delete the app
    2) Restart the computer
    3) Install the app again
    Make sure that you have Internet connected while running the app.


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      Hi Mike I followed your instruction fully and still have the same problem planes are still not moving can you advise

      Thanks colin

      I do appreciate your speedy reply the app was working ok on previous version


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        Hi Colin.

        It could be that your application cache needs clearing: /Library/Caches/Desktop/ as it is possibly still holding the files from your previous version.
        You would best clearing the cache after step 1 in Mikes guide above and then restart your computer.

        Before you do this, drag the ~/Library/Caches folder to the Trash and clear the cache before you restart your computer and if you do not encounter any problems when you have reinstalled the App you can then empty the Trash.
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          Hello Collin,

          The only reason in a normal case that the planes would be standing still.. is if you have a _really_ slow connection to the internet.. and if reloading the airplane-position-feed would take more than 15-20 seconds. The app is only trying to predict plane positions for about 20 seconds, then it stops the planes due to too large possible discrepancy between the actual position and the calculated one.
          Still it could be something else.. feel free to contact me at if you suspect it could be something else then the slow connection, and we take it from there.
          Best regards,


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            Hi. I just joined the forum a few moments ago to get an answer (hopefully) to this exact question. I have just downloaded FR24 from the App store to my iMac. And while it is nice to have a 21.5" display. It is just a static display. Once the aircraft have jumped onto the screen, they no longer move at all. There is no setting to 'animate aircraft' that I can find. I would appreciate some assistance here.
            Many thanks
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              There is no setting for the animation of the planes, they should move by default.
              As I said earlier, this could be the result of a slow connection, or it could maybe even be temporary server overload (although it's not something I have experienced). It could also be a bug, so if the issue is consistent, please contact me at so we can work it out.
              Best regards,


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                Hello, and thanks for coming back. I know there is nothing wrong with my internet connection and the freebie FR24 that comes with the forum, works fine.
                Occasionally an aircraft will 'hop' forward but very rarely. It is such a shame, because on the iMac, the screen size and clarity is just amazing.
                I haven't tried it on my iPhone since I already use 'Plane Finder' with no problems.
                Where's the profit in world peace? Or a cure for the common cold?


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                  Ok.. the thing is..

                  You need your clock on the mac to be exact in time..

                  If your clock is ahead.. or late.. the planes will stand still

                  I just assumed, as a Mac would need internet to use the app,.. all Mac will have the right time, since they can get the time from the net.. Obviously I was wrong..
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                    Thanks so much. I have now adjusted the time and everything seems to be working as it should. My Mac just wasn't set to adjust the time automatically
                    I don't get out to airports very much. But have set FR24 so that my screen shows roughly my field of view from my house. I live in East London, so from the front of the house I get everything holding on the Lambourne (Ongar) beacon in Essex. At the back of the house. I get almost everything in/out of London City. When the aircraft are landing at Heathrow, east to west. I get a nice orderly procession almost all day and into the late evening. A plane spotters dream I guess.

                    Once again. Many thanks for sorting the problem out for me ( and everyone else)
                    Where's the profit in world peace? Or a cure for the common cold?