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Radar NET1 Problem - dancing planes

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  • Radar NET1 Problem - dancing planes

    Hi FR24ers (what do you call a FR24 enthusiast/addict?)

    I am another newbie, I recently found this fantastic website by accident. Mainly because I bought a new laptop and broadband rather than an old desktop+windows98+dial-up.

    I live in West London and spend a lot of time viewing the aircraft arriving and departing Heathrow plus the overflights - it is raher addictive.

    In the last week, it might be a new year thing, aircraft have been moving/jumping back to previous positions in their tracks, sometimes several times to the same position, and then returning to their correct positions. It looks rather strange when a number of planes on approach suddenly change positions.

    After a little investigation, I deduced it was radar NET1 causing the problem - but not all the time.

    Looking back through the forum threads I see this problem occurred a few months back with radar NET2 and others, and was quickly corrected. I also undestand that NET2 is a network of receivers, so I assume NET1 also is.

    Has this problem been identified?

    Good viewing