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Is it possible to permanently save the data used for Playback locally?

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  • Is it possible to permanently save the data used for Playback locally?

    The Playback facility is really neat, but I understand that the data is only stored for a couple of weeks.
    Is it possible to store the data that Playback uses locally for future use?

    I just want date, time, latitude, longitude and height for each point along the track. Flight number would be handy too.
    Ideally in .gpx format, but any other "sensible" format is OK. e.g. GeoJSON.

    Or is the facility already existing, but I haven't found it yet?


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    [Yes!] Is it possible to permanently save the data used for Playback locally?

    Answered my own question - yes it is. Quite easy to convert to .gpx.
    Here's one thing I was able to do with the results:


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      Hi Peter.

      This is something me and a few other members have been trying to do for awhile.

      What you have done is great, but i have just managed to get another program to record the playback from the screen, which i think is more like what you where trying to achieve in the first place.

      This program was recommended by a member {(EGMH) MD-11 Jordan } and after downloading it, i had working in less than 10 minutes.

      I downloaded the free 'record only' version :

      It converts the files automatically which you can save to your P.C. or you can upload them to Utube if you want to put on the Forum.

      Mike / Speedbird
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        This is the first time i have ever uploaded a video to Utube, you can fast forward the first minute or so if you get bored.
        This was recorded live

        This video is of an Aeroflot A319 on Playback

        Now i have worked out how to record playback, i know need to improve the quality.

        Update, for playback on your own P.C. it works perfect with Realplayer. KMPlayer, DivX Player, GOM Video Player and probably with VLC Player as plays nearly everything.
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          Hi Mike,
          Liked your videos and the screencapture software. Looks easy to use - will try it.


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            But how did you download the track?