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Flightradar24 does not work any more

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  • Flightradar24 does not work any more

    I started following flightradar24 during the Islandic ash times. At that time I had no problems with the program, I just went to and everything worked fine. Now, for some time, the program does not work at all on my computer, a quite fast machine equipped with Windows XP and with a lot of internal memory and an extra harddesk so there should be no problem with lack of memory.
    The problem is as follows: when I go to I get there, the program opens but very sluggishly. After a while I get the airplanes and the airfields but I can never click on a plane and get further. After that I get an announcement that the program is "not responding". When I check with the Windows Task Manager it shows that the capacity of the CPU is used to 100% and there is no networking going on at all. The computer is totally blocked, I cannot end the program, I cannot use any other program, I cannot even close the flightradar through the Task Manager, I have to close the computer by tearing out the electricity cable off the wall.
    What can I do to solv this problem?
    All my other programs work perfectly when the flightradar is not in use.

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    What browser do you use?


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      Internet Explorer. I don't know what version but it was created on Feb 2 2010 by the man who installed a second harddesk in my computer. The size of the file is 803 bytes and the size on desk is 4096 bytes. I suppose that the version is the newest one, 9?, and that he took it down from Microsoft's homepages.


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        A word about browsers
        This site relies heavily upon the use of javascript. Javascript is code that runs on the clientside (in your browser). Internet Explorer doesnt perform well with javascript, so we do not recommend using Internet Explorer. For best performance we recommend you to download and use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


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          Thank you! I will try another browser.