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  • What Does No Callsign means

    Dears, I have a radar and sharing it in the site, but all the planes appears with question mark and has no callsign, is the problem from the radar it self or from sharing software or from the internet connection or can be from a week signal? can any one help me with this problem,
    My radar is OJAI and located near Queen Alia International Airport, Amman - Jordan, any one can see this problem in my coverage area.

    Thanks In advance

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    Hi OJAI.

    I picked up two Royal Jordan flights inbound to Queen Alia Airport, if you are saying you are near the Airport then my guess is a weak signal from your antenna, as the aircraft are not showing any speed,track or callsign.

    Just found one aircraft showing callsign (RJA112), but still no speed and track.(Also noticed that the same aircraft drops its callsign and route info a few minutes later.)

    Mike / Speedbird
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      Dear Mike, Thanks for your quick reply,
      Yes i am using small antenna, but my antenna covers around 250 KM as it is mounted very high, and some times the plane is flying over my head then the signal should be good but the same problem exist no callsign appears. and if most information transmitted from the plane are received like Altitude, Position, Aircraft type, how come only the speed is not received. please advice.


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        What kind/name / trademark , of receiver are you using ? Kinetic ? Airnav ? or Micro-S
        and what software is connected to it
        did you update firmware for receiver and latest software you are using ??


        If you follow this flight from the Med. Sea there are no problems until it is picked up by OJAI. (Mike)
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          Good to see OJAI is up and running with all the errors fixed, keep up the good work.


          Mike / Speedbird
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            Yes Mike, The software comes in the CD with Airnav Radar Box is not compatible, i downloaded the latest software from airnavsystems and the problem solved, by the way i noticed the same problem with OKBK1,

            Thanks again for your support


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              Hello OJAI...

              I know this is an old post... but your feed has been down for the last couple of days... have you stopped streaming for good or is it a technical issue?... Thanks!