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Flightrdar versus FR wins

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  • Flightrdar versus FR wins

    The other day I saw an advert for Casper pop on when watching Flight Radar.
    I clicked on it and was very impressed with the visuals. I noted it only covered Europe but unforetunely did not really check the coverage of that.
    It is not free like FR and they advertise it at 4.16 euros/15 UK pounds a month when they add real live coverage (not 15 mins delay as on their free version and other 'goodies").
    I foolishly went to the subscribe page and then find the minimum sub is "THE TRAIL" scheme for MINIMUM of 3 months (a month would have done.... or even a week). I now see they have no coverage of France as their Montpelier receiver has been out of action for at least a week at least. Some high traffic gets picked up by the Spanish and Brussels recievers. Italy is not covered because looking at the news postingThe Rome receiver went AWAL last October. Trieste also seems to be asleep permentaly sonothing for Italy or Greece.
    I have sent two emails to Casper requesting an update on the situation re present and future coverage and have received no reply. I also asked if I can cancel after 1 month have 2 months subs returned but NO answer. I think Paypal may help with this

    Anyway I post this as fact for peoples information and for them to form their own judgement

    Does anyone have any comments.

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    Originally posted by Sherlock Holmes View Post
    Does anyone have any comments.

    You either pays your money and makes your choice or you take advantage of FR24 and other free tracking websites.

    But with the world being as big as it is, all the sharing products depend entirely on feeds from local ModeS receivers, usually provided by a band of enthusiasts. To build a proprietary network is unfeasible on grounds of cost, support and real estate. At the end of the day, none of the tracking sites can offer full geographic coverage (nor claim it) and even where an area has cover, it will have blind spots especially at lower altitudes.

    I spent GBP £500 on an SBS-1 six years ago and as much again on an external antenna, pre-amp and Bias-T. This gave me local area cover which I can view from home.

    Today I can use a free solution, accessible from anywhere with an internet access and with cover well beyond my local area. I can playback flights and have access to an historical database.

    But without others like me feeding a server, these aircraft tracking websites probably wouldn't exist. A chicken and a proverbial egg.

    But I don't understand the Casper business model.
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      I have now received an answer from Casper. They gave me no answer as to the down receivers and their current coverage and no answer as to future coverage.. They have offered to return my money which I will be taking them up on. As Amer says can't really understand their business plan when FR and others are free and much extensive and reliable. I will be willing pay (and have donated to others)) for a superior service. As I said before their display is excellent but their info minimalistic and dodgy
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        I agree on what previous writers has written
        Casper is a business model for compannies training education and study
        and specially (unique) has a live database that goes far back in history backwards (europe)

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