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Planes in perth Western Australia

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  • Planes in perth Western Australia

    Hi all new to this today but been observing for many months. i cant see any activity over Perth any more can anyone tell why please.


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    User has turned off their radar for whatever reason.

    Been off since:
    391 YPPH-1 2011-10-06 17:53:06
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      Thanks for that iguess it was for chogm thatis being held in Perth.


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        Don't beleive so. We were able to track the queens flight all the way in.

        Unless the owners were feeling cautious/guilty. The pms flight is easily found on a normal day
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Ok thanks for that.


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            Hi Rob,

            I also noticed that the planes disappeared at the beginning of the week that CHOGM started and came back today, a week after Chogm ended. I can only assume that the owner was asked to take it down. Can't be a coincidence.


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              Agreed thanks calvan


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                Radar Ops

                Rob Perth and Calvan,

                With all due respect;
                Before the rumour mill begins churning or the conspiracy theories gather any legs and as the owner and operator of one of the hundreds of radar receivers throughout the world, I would make these comments in regard to your querie (and subseqent assumption):
                1) The radar operator alone makes the decision as to when and how long the radar is operated.
                2) Radar operators enjoy a break from time to time, just like anyone else (for a variety of reasons).
                3)Having had discussions with both Air Services Australia and CASA regarding my own radar over a period of some years I can assure you that they arent the least concerned with their operation here in Australia and in fact have been very helpful and obliging.
                4)No authority has ever requested that I or anyone else I know, turn off our radar receivers for any reason.

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