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why can't i find any flights from and to south africa

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  • delcomp
    Another Possibliaty is .., That RadarBox SA (Bell407) gets in touch with Mike and
    ask him to include his 14 User that he has., on to FR24.

    After all., FR24 covers the world.. (reach for the sky)

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  • speedbird1960
    Hi Mick j, Until Flightradar24 gets a feed from there this link may help. it's the only one i could find with South African coverage.

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  • SoCalBrian
    I think the bandwidth is expensive down in South Africa.
    Maybe that's why you don't see much traffic from that country....
    (The local South Africe ISP prices(charged per gigabyte used): & )

    The South Africa Forum for SBS1/RadarBox users.
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  • scanhorse
    Hi Mick
    It would be nice to have somebody from "down there" to feed data to our map
    Why dont you , or some aviation friends buy a radar box and start feeding to FR24
    Then we all could learn more about SAA

    Ulf Scanhorse

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  • Mike
    Please read the info-page

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  • why can't i find any flights from and to south africa

    my wifes beloved brother flies for SAA and she wants to keep track of where he's flying on international flights, but there does not seems to be any flights to or from south africa. why not?? i would be grateful if someone could explain this to me;
    many thanks
    cape town, south africa