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  • Animate aircraft

    What does this option do? I can't see any animation whatsoever. Is it working only on some platforms?


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    Animations are not turned on yet, should go live within 72 hours


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      Now I know....

      I am new to the forum but have been using FR24 for a few months now, I turned on about an hour ago and saw the aircraft moving in a different way, now I know what's going on
      Great feature.
      Born-again 'spotter.

      I have a good memory, just can't remember where I left it.


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        Just opened FR24 and airplanes move around in a fluid motion and works fine with Google Chrome. What an improvement.

        Rgds, Ger
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          The Planes are now bobbing around on the screen


          I have been using this fantastic site for about 2 months now. Normally when I look at the main page the aircraft icons are fairly static and then update their positions every 20 seconds or so.
          This morning for the first time they are bobbing about on the screen and actually moving in real time which is so much better.

          Has something changed with the software of the site or is it something to do with my end such as my connection speed?

          I must admit I like it with this "real time movement " effect



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            I have noticed that too for the first time today.
            I like it much more this way.
            Well done for the continuous upgrades to this wonderful site.



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              this is fantastic news , live updates


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                Handy feature if want to watch an Aircraft on approach as you don't have to wait for its position to update.

                I have switched 'animate aircraft' off as i find it is running my CPU at 50% and i have a dual core 7GB. processor. ( I switched off labels and CPU usage dropped by 10% )

                Mike / Speedbird
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                  Animated aircraft are using quite a lot of CPU, but as speedbird wrote, it's possible to turn off the animation. Positions are now updated every 8 second, instead of every 12 second before.


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                    Would be nice to have an option to display trails for all aircraft in view as well. Is this feasible.


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                      Definately a nice look, only the i phone/ipad had this feature I think.

                      Obviously the update position or aircraft log has been increased.

                      In time it will gradually increase so that aircraft motions are fluid and in real time, it is fun to watch the aircraft zoom past towns and cities.

                      Thanks to all those who contribute to this great website.


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                        Web app now updating plane positions in realtime! Praise!

                        Guys at FR24, YOU ARE GREAT!

                        Now the web app eventually implemented realtime position updates, one of the last main differences compared with its mobile sister versions! (Twitter announcement)

                        It even surpasses its mobile versions, as it still updates realtime, even at a very large map selection (~ 1000km width with ~200 planes are drawn realtime, eating only about 20% CPU. I thought as this heavily uses JS and CSS it will totally knock down my computer, but no!)

                        The only thing it lacks compared to the mobile versions is "follow plane (and display in the center)".

                        Given all the extra label options, you can now eventually really feel like a web ATC in front of a large monitor. This is what the little kid in us wanted, wasn't it...! ;-)


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                          I was sure just some weeks ago that this would not be possible with javasript in a web browser. But Google made some updates to Google Maps API and after some rework and optimization, this is the result


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                            The animated a/c feature is a great improvement. Just wanted to say:
                            Thanks, Mike!



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                              Originally posted by porg View Post
                              The only thing it lacks compared to the mobile versions is "follow plane (and display in the center)".
                              Select aircraft, click black dot beside its callsign window top right = follow and centre
                              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers