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(LEAL) has passed away

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  • (LEAL) has passed away

    Bernard also known as (LEAL), our feeder from Alicante and moderator on the chat, has passed away today.

    Our condolences goes to to his wife Lisa and all his family.

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    My deepest thoughts goes down to Alicante
    and Mrs LEAL and the family
    R.I.P Bernard we will miss you for sure

    Ulf ESML

    P.s He was in chat today at 08,00 CET
    so he died on his post , so to say, !!
    by heart-attack , quick , he went flying among his planes
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      He was a great MOD a Great Person to chat to Will Miss all the Kicks out the Chat room i used to get (as Jokes) miss the ban threats ( as Jokes) And will Miss Bernard .. Thoughts go to his family and friends .... R.I.P Bernard .....
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        LEAL(Bernard) We will remember you.!

        It is with Deep Regret,. That we have just been informed that our Radar LEAL,. Our Friend Bernard Has Died this morning. Bernards wife,. Lisa,. has asked that ALL MODs and members of the English Chatroom be informed over this very SAD news

        May he REST IN PEACE,.......

        A well known,. Loved and respected MOD

        Lisa,. Our Deepest Sympathy, God bles you and give you strengh
        Our Feelings go out to you

        .I still cant belive it
        (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

        1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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          Really sorry to hear this news.

          Radarspotting since 2005


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            Oh,god cant believe it... I am so sorry that that happened. All wishes from Frankfurt to Alicante....


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              Very sad news...

              May he rest in peace.
              The only one who never makes mistakes is the one who never does anything - Theodore Roosevelt


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                Sorry to hear of the sad loss of Bernard.
                Deepest sympathies and condolences to Lisa and family.

                Rest in peace Bermard.
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                  Me, trabin, 7x7, roberts115, Arkadiusz_W, glogow, Lukasinho, gregory3217 and all people from Polish room are very sorry to hear about LEAL's death... Our hearts are filled with pain and sorrow. We're never gonna forget how good and helpful moderator he was. Everyone of us believes that he is now flying with all the planes and angels in the open skies. Our deepest symphaties are with his wife and family in this difficult time of crying and saying the last goodbye...

                  Bernard, words cannot express how sorry we are to hear you passed away. You'll stay always in our hearts.
                  Blue sky[*]
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                    Although I never "knew" or met LEAL (Bernard) I felt as thoughI did.He was what I could call a "virtuel" friend.He was always ready to have a joke and a laugh. He always reminded me of Spain as it is a country he must have loved as I do. Condolences to Lisa and may he stayforever in our minds.RIP Bernard.


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                      It was very sad for me to find out that our beloved Bernard passed away today.
                      Deepest condolences to Bernard's Wife and Family.
                      We will always remember Him as a great MOD.

                      Rest In Piece Bernard


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                        (LEAL) Bernard


                        Why did you sneak off?

                        Last time we were talking was this morning, not that long ago.

                        Thank you for the good times I had with you in the Chat.
                        When needed, you always helped.
                        As a mod you were righteous.
                        You were kind and ready to joke at any time.

                        Lisa, our condolence goes to you and your family.
                        We wish you and your family as much strength as you need to cope with this loss.

                        May God bless you.

                        area_p3 (Axel) and LilyMarleen


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                          The Chat (Bernhards favorite) dedicated this flight RYR05F

                          The RYR05F was dedicated to Bernhard
                          take off from Gatwick to his beloved Alicante at
                          aprox 21,45 UK time 19/9.2011
                          and all in chat for 1 minute silence and after
                          SALUT and bag pipes

                 for You LEAL

                          thanks too all in chat for co-operation

                          • Airline: Ryanair
                          • Flight: FR5569
                          • From: London, Gatwick (LGW)
                          • To: Alicante, Alicante (ALC)
                          • Comment: This flight is dedicated to our Friend MOD LEAL Bernard
                          • Aircraft: Boeing 737-8AS (B738)
                          • Reg: EI-DCG
                          • Hex: 4CA1FE
                          • Altitude: 20000 ft (6096 m)
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                            We will miss you


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                              passing of bernard (LEAL)

                              going to miss you mate, RIP
                              a very sad day,
                              from all your mates in australia
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