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(LEAL) has passed away

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    Such sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting LEAL (Bernard) and Lisa at Heathrow this summer. He was a wonderful, funny person and a credit to our community. His quick wit was legendary and both TG and I will miss his banter.
    My thoughts are with Lisa and the rest of the family.
    He may not be with us now but he will still be watching over us all.


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      our friendship started when a lady with her young child was looking for her husband on a flight. Bernard found it for her. the rest is legendary. i had the honour to know Bernard on a private footing. while his status may of been offline he was chatting with me. we were a double act. the laurel & hardy of FR24. Bernard was very funny, witty and enjoyed teasing me at every chance he got. words cannot describe the loss i feel for such a great friend, mod and man. he always wanted to know when and where we would meet. now i know. heaven. just dont know when. my thoughts go out to Lisa and all her family aswell as Bernards family back in the UK. Bernard always used to call me matey (aswell as other things i couldnt print) so for one last time Bernard adios matey R.I.P.


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        Im shocked. Farewell my friend.


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          Really sorry to hear this news. R.I.P.

          Although I never "knew" or met LEAL (Bernard) I felt as thoughI did.He was what I could call a "virtuel" friend.He was always ready to have a joke and a laugh. He always reminded me of Spain as it is a country he must have loved. Condolences to family and may he stayforever in our minds.RIP Bernard.

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            I've arranged to have a Mass to be said for Bernard at my local Catholic Church we go to in Manchester.



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              In My Church they will take a minute silence for LEAL on sunday
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              You learn something new every day in your life



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                My sincerest condolences to Lisa and all members of Bernards family.

                The pleasure that he has provided to so many through this site cannot be measured....he was all that those have gone before me have said......Blue Skies virtuel friend......and don't take those boots off at the door !


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                  We have been informed that the Funeral will take place in ALC

                  13:00 CEST on Friday the 23rd September 2011

                  Bernard Rest In Peace

                  And we wish Lisa and family strengh thro out the occasion
                  You are Not Alone

                  We are with you
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                    I am shocked and sad to hear that a great guy has passed away,RIP my friend and my thoughts go out to his wife and family..May god be with you.



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                      On Friday (Bernards Funeral Day) In the English Chatroom we propose to
                      hold a One minute Silence in respect to the start of the Funeral service
                      of Bernard.

                      Starting at the same time as the service. 13:00 CEST 11:00 UCT

                      All are invited including our friends from the Polish room to join us, in this
                      sign of respect to our Friend,. Moderator and Radar LEAL Bernard
                      (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

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                        Bernard (LEAL),
                        "Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
                        Some stay for a while and leave footprints in our hearts.
                        And we are never, ever the same"

                        Some of us chatted to you a short time before you slipped away. Some new you well. Some knew you little. The one thing we all share is that fr24, fr24 chat and our lives will never, ever be the same.

                        Rest In Peace Bernard



                        and now with very special thanks to OH-Bomm, we can share something of Alicante (Spain) where Bernard called home;

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                          Sorry to hear this sad news

                          RIP Bernard, my condolences go out to his wife and family


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                            I was very saddened to hear of Bernards passing away:felt numb for the rest of the day i learnt! i shall miss his humour and helpfulness. He was "Aviation" through and through and i pass my heartfelt sympathies on to his family and all who knew him well.

                            I shall miss seeing LEAL on the list of names on chat....


                            ian egte


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                              Bernard, the final flight

                              Today, fri 23rd of september, I returned from a short holliday.
                              I was knocked out by the really sad news. My wife and I were to meet Bernard and Lisa
                              last year, but we missed each other at the meeting point. The knowledge of never being able
                              to meet Bernard keeps crossing my mind.

                              We lost a friend.
                              RIP Bernard, our condolences go out to Lisa and family.

                              John (EHAM, jsaero) and Marian
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                                Romans 15,22-24

                                For this reason I have often been prevented from coming to you. But now, with no further place for me in these regions, and since I have had for many years a longing to come to you, whenever I go to Spain for I hope to see you in passing, and to be helped on my way there by you, when I have first enjoyed your company for a while.

                                I found this chapter as I sat in our church at Friday 1 pm.