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    Hi guys, i'm a newbie on this forum i knew about this site only three weeks ago. I'm studying this site to analyze the landing process on FCO airport as final job of my career. My study is about the delay of the single airplane in function of the holding that was stated for him, to better understand the phenomenon of the queue in landing processes on european airports. I would like to have access to the databases which the site is connected to, to have numerical data which i can study on, but i can't find the url, do you know how can i find them?! On Flightstats i found a way, but the most of the traffic is about nord america. can someone help me?!

    Valerio, IT

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    I'm not sure if this is what you might be looking for:

    Good luck with your studies


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      Thank you for your wishes evolv5, I've already read this page, i was asking if it was possible to reach for the numerical datas of every flight that is approaching an airport (longitude, latitude, speed...) the datas that gps send to the system, that permit to localize the airport on google map. I don't know if is it possible to do, and i don't know if I succeed explain you what I meant.


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        I hope you find your data
        if it could help you maybe one could extract data from our
        personal databases from what the (our) boxes produces
        I often wondered why they do some holding procedures so long
        it sometimes seems to be waste of fuel, even if I realize that FR24 not showing the whole picture
        as some of planes dont have ABS, but i have seen some horrible examples of holdings

        Ulf, Scanhorse ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt


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          Hi Valerio,

          you can find these data from CFMU/NOP protected applications:

          Data will look as:

          Source : CPR
          Deviation info: Time +00:00:50 Vertical -3 FL Lateral 21 Nm
          Update info : Time shifted: Y Level updated: Y Lateral updated: Y
          Comment : before: pp.nr_elements= 30,ap.nr_elements= 171
          after: pp.nr_elements= 31,ap.nr_elements= 173
          ;796358;10/06/02 01:56:33;10/06/02 01:56:30;0;0;038;001;MLD863;LUKK;EDDF;10/06/02 01:46:00;470438N 0274817E;208;Continuing;6470;356;282 58'49'';169;CLIMB;;;

          You will see time, coords, level, ground speed, track and some more information. You can also plot this flight on map. The only thing is that you have to subscribe to this service. And this is available to either ATS personnel or Aircraft Operators. But try to do it, hopefully you will succeed.


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            iuz i'm very gratefull for your help, and thank to all of you for your help and support, you are really to kind. I hope to succeed in this study, now i sent my form to eurocontrol and i hope that they will accept it. I will let you know. Thanks