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  • What happened to

    I just saw that the Portuguese flight-tracking page has closed down yesterday.
    Anyone have any info about the reason of the closure?

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    shortcut to the Google Translate page for this site into English text.

    ************************************************** **************************
    For reasons of superior and completely unrelated to the Project team NavPT, we have to finish the project.

    Claiming that this site puts the civil aviation hazard is a false question. The basic equipment that was used by our team is sold freely anywhere in the world and is therefore accessible to anyone with good or bad intentions. Furthermore, there are sites on Foreigners also show that air traffic in real time in Portugal.

    It was very gratifying to know that employees of TAP, ANA, NAV, GroundForce and other businesses, they have used the site daily, and our iPhone application as an aid in carrying out professional tasks.

    Thanks for the support and strength they gave us: driver and former air traffic controller's NAV, ANA officials and GroundForce, pilots, commanders and former commanders of TAP and other companies, flight crew and maintenance of TAP , military air traffic controllers, Air Defence Officers of the Navy, amateurs, spotters, and passion for aviation enthusiasts in general.

    A special thanks to all those who helped directly and indirectly in the project.
    This site was finally closed on the day 25.05.2010 16h50m.
    Ricardo Lopes (navpt AT navpt DOT com) 25/05/2010

    ************************************************** ************************
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      That's sad.