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Max Range not changing

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  • Max Range not changing

    Hi, when I first installed my antenna the max range was 349 for a month or so, it then dropped to 304 and hasn't changed in a month or so. My polar plot shows my max range about 260 most days.

    I thought max range was a rolling 30 day average?

    My average range is steadily increasing every day after I moved my antenna.

    Is this a glitch just for me or everyone?
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    Max range is the max value for that 30 day window and not the average. So it stays constant for 30 days until another higher range is recorded or the next lowest value after 30 days.


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      Ah, thanks for that, so the explanation of max range on the statistics page is wrong, just like the 200> in the histogram on an individual's statistics page


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        Ooops I confused your query between max range and max distance..... what I meant was max distance and not max range..... I mixed up the terms..... sorry about that.

        Coming to your observation on the max range, yes, the max range is defined as the average of the max range for the last 30 days and it seems to be stuck in one value which is the highest max distance within that 30 days......

        Hope someone can clarify this.....