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Center airport in browser window on search

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  • Center airport in browser window on search

    When using the search bar on the top right hand corner of the website to search for an airport, when clicking the Show On Map option it would be really useful if it centered the airport in the browser window. That way I can immediately use the zoom buttons to zoom in on the airport.

    Currently it centers to a point slightly west of the airport, and you have to move the map before zooming in. And if it's a particularly busy airspace it can sometimes be hard to find the airport because the aircraft icons appear over the airport icons.

    Unless I'm mistaken it used to work like this. I can't say with 100% certainty but it feels like the behavior changed within the last several months.

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    I suspect the code is written as such to be screen Centered*

    *To about the middle of the visible part of the screen that is not showing a full bar of menus and details.
    I believe if you measured the size of display from right beside the menus. It's fairly close to middle

    But yes, does mess with scroll. If not aware you can always hover over the roughly middle dot and use scroll

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