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Possible reasons for missing helicopters in the mountains

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  • f14driver
    Other reasons :
    Aircraft is MLAT equipped and no MLAT coverage on the receivers in the area, a lot of GA aircraft don't have full stack ADS-B equipment.
    Terrain blocking, no line of sight between the aircraft and the receiver ( and that might be very common in the mountains)

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  • Possible reasons for missing helicopters in the mountains

    Dear forum members

    I'm interested in the flights of all kind of helicopters in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately it happens regularly that flights of helicopters are invisible. As I know from the Q&A there could be several reasons for it:
    • unsufficient coverage of receivers in the swiss mountains
    • the aircraft does not have an ADS-B (perhaps helicopters are rarely equipped with ADS-B?)
    • low altitudes (compared to planes of commercial airlines, helicopters fly at much lower altitudes)
    • a combination of the mentioned reasons
    What do you think are the most likely reasons for the invisibility on flightradar of helicopters in the Swiss Alps? Or are there other explanations?

    Many thanks for your opinion!