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"playback" and "most viewed" widgets missing

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  • "playback" and "most viewed" widgets missing

    hel time.png I use chrome on my windows PC. 7 years I've been a casual user at Gold level. Recent Beta seems have been forced on all of us. Angry two widgets are completely lost!? I am truly troubled I has lost "most viewed" and "playback" Please advise. Viewing on iphone app = okay. Yet i am primary PC user.
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    I have encountered the same problem. Does anybody know how to see a list of the "most tracked" or "most viewed" planes on Windows PC?

    I cannot find this information in the new version. To bad, because this has been one of the most interesting features. If it is not available in the new FR24 version then I will cancel my subscription.


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      It's your screen size.

      Given the shape of the screen shot, You are now in a minority with 1024x768 4:3

      Below that, the map re-draws and loses lots of stuff or it is too cluttered. As indicated by the menu hamburger appearing and losing the search bar etc

      Either need a larger 1280x1024+, or wider 16x9 monitor, or expand the browser window if already have one and it's split in half, to at least 1025px wide

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        I have lost bookmarks . Had it at first and worked greawt now gone. Doesn't matter what browser or computer I am on, any ideas?


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          You are seeing the mobile version of the site, so your screen is considered to small for widgets.


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            Update from the user who started this post.

            I've been fully restored as of today. Thank you moderator for the July 15 suggestion on screen resolution, yet I'm back without changing any kind of setting? The Widgets and Playback of the Beta version simply started working today. It looks good now, still I have done nothing to adjust settings. My monitor is a 26" Sony TV. the size has cause some viewing problems, on one of the banking sites, in the past. My issue 'may' have been my monitor resolution, maybe? All okay aw of today.


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              A 26" Sony widescreen?

              Because the screenshot you supplied is not. It is square format. Which will be limited in size.

              If you are duplicating to an external screen at 4x3/square it will suffer. If you use the native external size of at least 1920x1080 of a tv, it will not.
              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers