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Data source switching when aircraft land at DTW, flight info lost

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  • Data source switching when aircraft land at DTW, flight info lost

    When flights bound for DTW approach Detroit, the data source is ADS-B and they have the full trail from their origin as you'd expect (pic 1). As soon as they touch down though, the data source switches to US/Canada Radar and before they get to the terminal the flight loses the trail from the origin as well as the origin/destination info (pic 2). When flights depart, this switch happens in reverse (radar -> ADS-B), but the trail and destination info stays associated with the flight when this happens (pics 3&4).

    This is something I've only noticed happening at DTW, I haven't been able to find another airport that has this issue as most seem to be consistently pulling from ADS-B without switching sources.

    So I have two questions and thought I'd see if anyone here has any thoughts:
    1. Could there be an issue in the FlightRadar24 tracking that's causing this info loss when the data source switches from ADS-B to radar but not the other way around?
    2. Out of curiosity, why would the data source switch to radar just when flights land at an airport?
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    My guess is there's inadequate ADS-B ground coverage at DTW. No local receiver.

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