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Where did my data sharing go?

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  • Where did my data sharing go?

    Until the issue with business accounts and needing to re-log in happened on Sept. 30, on my iPhone and iPad, I could open the Flightradar24 app (not web page) and press the Business icon at the top-right (obviously I was logged in). From there I could select my data sharing and see what my feeder status is and how many planes I was tracking, etc.

    That is gone. Now all I can do is change my password.

    I really miss not having the data sharing option.

    Joe F.

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    I also miss it. I ask for it here:


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      I have still this issue. Web page is ok, but in the app no data sharing for my receiver available. The app says I'm on 'Business', but proposes upgrades for 'Silver' and 'Gold'. So this is far from fixed...


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        I also have this issue. Probably a bug. Have you contacted the support?


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          UPDATE 04OCT22 12:00Z -
          "My Data Sharing" is back within my Android App. - THANKS to everyone involved!

          Exact start of the issue not known, but it was previous to 01OCT22
          Same issue here. FR24 Android App: "My data sharing" section has gone completely!
          Abo: Shows "Business" - nevertheless: "Available Functions" says I'm a BASIC user only...
          This is annoying.
          Log off - Log on to app does not solve the issue.
          Phone restart does not solve the issue.
          Android 12 SDK31 on a Samsung S21FE

          UPDATE 04OCT22 12:00Z -
          "My Data Sharing" is back within my Android App. - THANKS to everyone involved!
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            Back on iDevices. Life is grand again!


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              I am also up and running again.
              Thanks to the fr24 crew for their hard work


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                Possibly related: I've been sharing for over 5 years, and my account has been downgraded to BASIC?? Even though my sharing stats are correct??


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                  I am facing a similar issue, but its also shows on the browser that I have basic subscription, I have tried everything such as relogging into account but it still doesn't work.


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                    Try clearing your browser cookies for FR24.


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