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No recent flights on FR24 vs other sites

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  • No recent flights on FR24 vs other sites

    Looking for an explanation to this scenario, as it seems quite odd:

    For aircraft N730MT (hex = A9CC30):

    FR24 shows last flight on 7/18/22, with only one prior in the past 90 days occurring in May 2022 (first attachment).

    However on, there have been multiple flights solely today (second attachment).

    What would be the potential cause of this issue?
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    'blocked' will do that. Only live flights will be found. Not history.
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      It's not blocked, it's just in an area with low feeder coverage. Needs more locals to feed the site. Although the recent decision to turn off MLAT is probably a big factor, especially for helis and low level stuff.


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        Yeah it wasn't blocked in this case, a live flight never showed up on the map at all. I guess that I figured with a large US military presence in the general area that coverage would be excellent. It does seem pretty good though. I'll attach a screenshot to show what is active currently in the area. Good mix of small private planes, some US Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard aircraft, and then other commercial flights passing by overhead.

        So the problem likely lies in MLAT being turned off?
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