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  • "Extra" planes from my radar feed on

    [This is an issue with how is displaying data I feed it - so not sure if this post belongs here, or in the "Feeding data" forum - but I think this is better. Apologies if not.]

    I'm feeding data from a RPi running PiAware to FA and FR24. I am looking on and filtering "from my radar" - so in theory I should be seeing only the planes I am feeding to FR24. However, I am routinely getting what appear to be "extra" planes - ones that do not show up in my feed to FA, and also do not appear in the FR24-Tracked-Aircraft log on my Pi.

    The extra planes seem to be consistently at/beyond the edge of my range. Perhaps I'm picking up (and feeding) "one ping" - not enough to be sticky on FA or the FR24-log, but enough to make think I'm tracking the plane, and at first I figured this was the issue; once I saw a plane - however briefly - would tag it with my radar code and pass it through the filter. However, these extra planes do eventually drop off the filtered display (they aren't infinitely 'sticky'), so now I wonder if it's some other issue.

    As an example consider (just grabbed ~18:30 UTC, July 23rd):


    DAL 1098 just took off from LAX and is still climbing out (at about 10,000ft when this screen grab was taken). My RPi "skyaware" feed (on the left) doesn't show it, nor does the FR24/log from my RPi list it. It seems unlikely to me that I was actually seeing this plane given its distance and low altitude (if I were, I would expect to get a boat load of KLAX departures - but I don't). So why is it appearing in the filtered list of "planes from my radar"?

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