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Ground traffic on small airfield

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  • Ground traffic on small airfield

    I would like to ask if ground traffic on small airfield is blocked by default?

    Long story short:
    I have quite good receiver on our airfield club. There is no pin on the FR24 map due to lack of IATA code and no scheduled flights here; but we have ICAO code. I feed data to FR24 and simultaneously I can spot traffic from my RX on Virtual Radar Server via port 30002 output. There is a lot of airplane with ADS-B option so they are visible perfectly by my RX. And there is a question: when AC is in the air, I can see it on FR24. But when it lands, during taxi it is not visible at all on FR24 however my RX correctly receives position and sends it to FR24. I can see position on VRS map and I can see uploaded AC on :8754 page of my RX. So obviously it can be tracked and uploaded. The same AC are visible during taxi on "big" airport.

    I tried to ask this question to FR24 support via mail, but no luck. Our conversation took 6 mails and none of them were not even close to answer my question. They copy/paste some information about cable quality (?!) and when I send a video showing described situation from above they didn't reply... Very disappointing

    Can anyone point the rule why I cannot see those A/C while on the ground on small airport?

    Thank you.

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    Your raw feed Will display /with/ signal dropouts (and possibly estimation of path)
    fr24 require solid singal/data measures or consider the contact to be 'too noisy'
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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      Thanks for your reply.

      Hmm.... it is possible that signals get "too noisy" exactly at the moment when different airplanes touch the runway / get airborne? On VRS I have signal strength indication and it is almost identical around aerodrome vicinity.
      For sure it is not estimation, taxiway has turns and they are perfectly tracked.
      It looks for me like speed filter or something like that...


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        When I say too noisy I mean the opposite to what you are referring

        Chatter not solid data. There, not there, there, not there

        It's sampled every 2 to 4 seconds if you keep losing signal in those locations fr24 is likely just going to ignore it. Local maps won't

        There is also a toggle in the visibility settling to display ground traffic or not that you will need to ensure it is on

        In either case yes fr24 are filtering inbound data for 'consistency' and 'accuracy' as they put it
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Ah, ok. I have to take a closer look on my data then and how often RX receives signals, 2-4 seconds seems to be short but I have to check first. For sure there is no other RX in the vicinity which can receive signal from ground.
          Display ground traffic is on, I can spot planes on the ground on the other airports.


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            I have a similar issue. I have a Antenna which can spot 360 KM Away Airplane in the direction North and 360 KM away direction south. The antenna is 100 meter away from the Runway and residing on the top of the building in open air, but still it cannot spot the Plane. When the Plane reaches around 1000 feet above the ground then it is visible in FR24. I would be happy to get some real answer for this issue.