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USA Military aircraft not showing up on map

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  • USA Military aircraft not showing up on map

    Hello. I live near Philadelphia, PA (USA). I frequently see military aircraft flying overhead. Only occasionally does it show up in the app. More often than not nothing shows on the map, even though there is a large helicopter or VERY large plane flying directly overhead. Is there any way to have those aircraft to show up in the app? Is there anywhere else I can track those aircraft? I'm really curious from which base they are either flying from or flying to since there are no bases in the immediate area.

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    flightradar blocks military flights a few might show accidentally sometimes


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      Ah, so they are blocked by flightradar, not that the data isn't available at all? Interesting. I don't know if this is against forum rules (if so, I can delete it), but do you know of any other websites that might display military flights?


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        you could look at adsbexchange

        they don't filter on the aircraft that are visible


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          f14driver, thank you so much! I will take a look at adsbexchange