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Trouble controlling zoom with mouse (Windows)

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  • Trouble controlling zoom with mouse (Windows)

    I'm running FR24 for Windows on a Windows 10 box. My browser is Firefox 99.0.1. I have a Silver Subscription.

    My Logitech M705 mouse has a wheel that "clicks" as it scrolls. I have adjusted it so that it moves up/down by the smallest possible amount ("1 line") with one scrolled "click." I'm able to zoom in and out smoothly with this mouse at the adsbexchange web site, to get nearly any degree of zoom/magnification I want.

    However FR24's maps respond to scrolling with my mouse by making sudden large changes in zoom. For example, I can show the European continent from the tip of the "boot" of Italy to the top of the Danish peninsula. When I zoom in with my mouse, the smallest change I can get shows the north shore of the Black Sea to Poland's north shore on the Baltic Sea. This is the same as clicking on the "+" button on the map. It is zoomed much farther in than I want.

    With most applications, I can use my mouse for finer, smaller changes. Here, my mouse isn't doing that.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The number at the end of the URL is the zoom factor

    If what you want is not 1 factor per 'click' out or 'smooth scroll' is doing it 2 or 3. Then you are in the queue with other users asking since mid last year (use zoom as a search key)
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      Ah, thank you. I hadn't realized that that number (at the end of the URL) changes each time you zoom out or in. In integers, of course.

      Well, at least I hadn't failed to do something that was available to me.

      I think I'll add a "me too" to that "feature request" post about this issue.

      (Had searched, but I used a set of search terms rather than a single word -- and had gotten nothing relevant. Thanks for the tip.)