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Filtering for military flights?

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  • Filtering for military flights?

    Hi everyone. Is there a way to apply a filter to see only military flights? I've been playing around trying to find a way but haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance!

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    Only really if you had HEX, As most countries use an allocation for mil vs GA/Commercial.
    So not really.
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      I have this filter set to see Military Jets from around the world -
      AIRCRAFT - HAWK, EUFI, T38 (all in 1 line, so multiple Jets can be seen)


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        Best is to use ADS-B exchange first and filter on DB flag: Military. Than you'll see all military planes which are broadcasting ADS-B. If you see something interesting you can than search for it in F24. By using filtering on aircraft type or callsigns you will miss a lot. Some interesting callsigns: RRR, LAGR, QID, REDEYE8 (pops up during air-to-air refuelling), STGR, BAF, UAV, RFR