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  • Map zooming

    Hi all

    Is there any way to control the amount of zoom on the map on the website?

    I find it either zoomed in too much or not enough, and the sweet spot would be somewhere in between the two levels. How can I do this - I've tried CTRL, Shift and various combinations when zooming but it has no effect.

    Any help appreciated


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    The map increment level is the number at the end of the URL. So you have[LONG][LAT]/[ZOOM][


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      Thanks for that, but if I have the map on 8 it's too close, and 7 is too far out. I've tried using a decimal number (7.5) but it doesn't work Seems like I'm stuck with this.


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        For what it's worth - in case the developers are monitoring these forums - I have the same issue. 5 is zoomed too far out and 6 is too far in. An increment between them, or a bigger scale, would be helpful.


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          I'm a new member of the forum, who has been using FR24 -- Windows/browser and Android app -- for several years now. The Android app is easy to zoom as-desired, of course ("pinch" in and out). But the Windows/browser version? In this version the zoom does not change gradually: it changes in step-jumps.

          Today I discovered that this is because FR24/Windows-browser uses an integer at the end of the URL to assign the zoom-level for the display. From "2" (whole world, in Mercator projection) down to at least "21" (Nelson's Column (in London's Trafalgar Square) + its attendant lions fill my screen) (2m = 1.5 cm on my screen)

          Unfortunately, I want to look at Europe at a zoom-level between 5 and 6: perhaps about 5.4. "Unfortunately," I say, because FR24/Windows won't give me a zoom-level of 5.4. Only levels in integers.

          So -- like the OP and the one who posted above -- when I'm using my laptop-with-Windows I'd like to see a map that zooms smoothly with the scrolling wheel on my mouse.

          The way the map on the ADS-B Exchange site zooms, now.

          Pretty please?