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Web playback not allowing correct UTC date

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  • Web playback not allowing correct UTC date

    Suddenly the web version of FR24 is stuck on the date where I am (California) even though the UTC date is one day later. That means that although it's currently 05:41 UTC on 11 May, I can't select a playback time later than 05:41 on 10 May. FR24 has the UTC time correct (05:41) but doesn't realize that it's the next day in UTC now.

    I confirmed this behavior with two different web browsers (Firefox and Chrome). I also checked the iOS version of FR24 and it let me select 11 May, so only the web app is showing this problem.

    The attached screenshot was taken a few minutes ago and shows that I cannot select 11 May from the calendar.

    Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.37.47 PM.png

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    Thank you for the details, I am sorry about this issue.
    The Flightradar24 team is aware of this issue. We will investigate, please notice it will take some time.
    Thanks a lot for reporting this!


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      Thank you, Margaret.

      FYI, I confirmed the problem using Safari on iOS. So it's definitely related to using a web browser, not a specific operating system. As mentioned above, the FR24 iOS app plays back fine.


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        Hi, Margaret. Any ETA on when this problem might be fixed? I still can't play back flights from earlier this evening because it's a different date in UTC.