Like to raise the issue of an incorrect day-night map overlay in Data / History pages if the system time zone is not set to UTC.

Currently in Data / History pages (the pages by call sign/flight no. and registration) the day-night map overlay is not displaying correctly if the user system clock time zone is not set to UTC. The overlay is offset and not at the correct time/location; e.g. it's 12:38L (01:38Z) in Sydney and a flight has just taken off but the overlay shows as if it's 01:38L (UTC+11). Regardless of where the day-night map is loaded/how much it is offset, when scrolling through the playback progress, the day-night map overlay just shifts proportionately with the erroneous offset maintained. So the error is more noticeable the further away the system clock time zone (presumably set to local time zone) is from UTC.

If Windows system time zone is changed to UTC, then the day-night map overlay displays correctly. Similarly if the system time zone is changed to other time zones, the day-night map loads with a different offset.
On Flightradar24 main page, day-night map overlay displays correctly in live and playback views independent of the system time zone. This should be the behaviour in the problematic Data / History pages too.

Troubleshooting shows that this error (1) is reproducible at least on various Windows OS and browsers (have tried on numerous independent computers), (2) has nothing to do with antivirus/ads blocking/cookies/caches/direct connection or VPN or proxy, (3) is not a privacy setting issue as other websites can defect said tested browsers time zone, time and location.
This has happened for as long as I can remember (possibly since the start of Flightradar24).

Day-night map overlay with time zone set to UTC+11:

Day-night map overlay with time zone set to UTC:

Thank you!