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Firefox / FlightRadar24 Menu Problem?

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  • Firefox / FlightRadar24 Menu Problem?

    I am running FlightRadar24 on Windows10 and Linux Mint desktops. In both cases I am using the Firefox browser. The problem I'm about to describe does not appear on my Android phone OR when using Edge on my Win10 desktop. (I have not tried another browser on the Linux machine.)

    The problem seems to be tied to Firefox. What happens is that the menu that normally appears at the top of the FR24 page is now opaque and appears vertically down the left side of the page approximated 25% of the way across the screen from the left margin. I have highlighted the ADD COVERAGE item in the menu for clarity in the attached JPG.

    This is relatively new "problem"? Have others encountered a similar problem while using Firefox? Is there a work around?


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    I note a few things off hand that could have an effect.

    The URL you are using has 'listview' in it - try removing that and going back to the root.

    And you have uOrigin ad blocker by the looks with 4 blocked items. Which may be finding some of the scripting they use as incorrectly malicious and blocking it - have a go with that disabled too

    Pay to also manually go about-version and let it do an update scan incase you are a few revisions behind

    Fine on Ver 78 here.
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      Many thanks Oblivian. That pointed me in the right direction.

      The add-on WebOfTrust (WOT) was the problem. When I disabled it the problem went away.

      Thanks again!


      F-CYWH1 Southern tip of Vancouver Island