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How to show logged airlines on web page?

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  • How to show logged airlines on web page?

    On the FR-homepage I can only see the number of logged planesin total but not which ones.
    In the RPi I can grep on the logfile and get the IACO-address but
    1. how do I also get the flightnumber and
    2. how do I show this e.g. on an own homepage?

    [I]pi@RPi:/home/pi $ more /var/log/fr24feed/fr24feed.log | grep -F "[mlat][i] "
    2021-03-02 06:58:19 | [mlat][i] 896211
    2021-03-02 06:58:59 | [mlat][i] 896211
    2021-03-02 09:09:59 | [mlat][i] 4AB566
    2021-03-02 09:10:39 | [mlat] 4AB566

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    Suggest you take a deeper look at how the bundle works and its limitations
    THe scripts already linked to by wiedhopf takes care of providing such function, over and above 'tracked.list' button on the same web config page
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