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LAPD helicopters no longer showing on the app

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  • LAPD helicopters no longer showing on the app

    Hi- I have noticed the LAPD helicopters are not showing on the app any more. Private helicopters are, and sometimes fire helicopters. What happened? How do we get it back?

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    They've probably either swapped their transponders to no longer broadcast ADS-B data (still visible to the airspace as TIS-B targets but invisible on FR24) or have simply requested the site block them from showing up.


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      They're not broadcasting ADS-B anymore for some reason. It's like they don't want to be tracked. Use It's unfitted data. They will show the Tis-B tracking info. Which doesn't show the tail. Looking into this more. adsbexchange is always unfiltered. They have a nice iOS app too. All the other services are bad. Just about money.

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