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Disappointed at wrong icons displayed for small aircraft

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  • Disappointed at wrong icons displayed for small aircraft

    Hi all,I am a long time user of fr24 and I have to say that I am getting tired of the way fr24 depicts a LIGHT aircraft doing 63KTS as a jet or a heavy.I understand it may not be easy,but ITS DOING 63 KTS,its pretty obvious that its a LIGHT aircraft.

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    Example please.

    If it's not clearly understood. The aircraft type or icon does NOT come from the aircraft. It needs to be looked up

    What you are seeing, is quite likely yet another sold airframe re-registered with different details. OR. one that is not actually known - The default icon for all unknown/new aircraft. Is a jet. Or there would be people complain that all commercial jets are appearing as helicopters or small aircraft for instance.

    Not a lot can help this unless the true type is known and it has a reference to lookuo. And well, when the planes don't provide that. I'm not sure how they are meant to work out what one is/isn't (especially when a 787 can do the same speed as a cherokee on the ground)

    Put the reg at the end of the url and check if there is a record for instance - note the 'type code' - that's where the icon is derived from. If it's blank or something else, it will show a jet or the alternate

    If you know the true details. Search for the hex here and add them to the database errors thread.
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